The Cicada

The cicada is a state-of-the-art search and rescue helicopter, equipped with a 2-seater cockpit, a cabin with bench seating for 4 crew members and space for an occupied gurney, a searchlight, and a basket, as well as heavy armor and a pair of guns in case it should encounter enemy aircraft. This was originally built... Continue Reading →

Undersea Military Research lab

I built this model for Decisive Action 4, a Lego military contest over on Flickr. The majority of it was built over just 3 days as I was pressed for time. I love building coral reefs, so that was easily my favorite part of the model. I also built this small submarine to go with... Continue Reading →

The Haven

This was an entry to the Summer Joust 2020, an annual castle contest held on Flickr, for the category 'every set can be a castle set.' The goal of this category was to redesign any non-castle Lego set with a medieval twist. I chose Treehouse Adventures, a Creator set released in 2016 as the subject... Continue Reading →


These hardsuits were built for Descisive Action 4, a military-based contest over on Flickr. One of the goals was to build 3 hardsuits, each equipped for a unique enviroment. One of my biggest goals with these was to pack them full of NPU; I started each hardsuit by gathering a bunch of minifigure elements in... Continue Reading →

Market Stall Vignette

An entry to the 2020 Summer Joust contest, in the 12x12 vignette category. I smh messing around with a variety of interesting techniques on such a small scale. I hope to post an article soon covering many of these techniques as well. I hope you like it!


I recently participated in the RebelLUG "So Uncivilized" collaboration, the goal of which was to build various blasters from Star Wars. I built the E-11, the gun that stormtroopers used. I must confess that I know almost nothing at all about guns, but think I did pretty well basing it off of some reference images.... Continue Reading →

Detailed Stonework Tutorial

Texture can add a lot of interest to an otherwise boring castle wall, so the ability to make detailed stonework can be quite important. Read on for my simple guide on making textured stonework...

A Short Rest (Rivendell)

This was built for a collab with LOTRLUG, where we built out the story of the Hobbit in 16 creations. I was tasked with recreating recreating chapter 3, A Short Rest, which meant building Rivendell! I was quite excited as I love elven architecture, and also enjoy making rockwork and terrain in general. It's a... Continue Reading →

The Eye of Sauron

This was built in just one day for Vignweek 2020. Originally, I wanted to make a larger portion of the tower, but wasn't able to as I ended up building it at a much larger scale than I had originally planned too. The original prompt for the contest required to mix Star Wars with another... Continue Reading →

The Repair Shop

My fifth entry to vignweek 2020, a contest where you have to make a creation a day for a week. The theme for this build was space, so I built a small repair shop. Filling the shelves with parts was a fun proccess, and I also enjoyed incorporating a life boat into the spaceship! I... Continue Reading →

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